Saving user's result

mAuthor offers two different types of saving the user's score:

  1. first – the first answer provided by the user and followed by selecting "Check" is saved and taken into account in the overall lesson report. The user cannot correct the answers after the "Check" button has been used.
  2. last – no matter how many times a user selects the "Check" button, it is always the last answer that is saved and taken into account in the lesson report.

The type of saving the user's score can be defined for the entire lesson in the "Edit lesson's metadata" space. Select the "Edit metadata" link and choose the relevant option from the drop-down menu "Score type". By default, the score type is set as "last".

The user's score saving modes are supported by the following button-like modules:

  1. Submit – "Submit" is the button specially developed for the "first" score saving type. As the user will not have a second chance to provide the answers, clicking on the "Submit" button will check not only whether the answers are correct but also whether they all have been at least "attempted" by the user. If the activity is only partially completed, the addon does not check the answers for their correctness but sends the event showing the relevant feedback message. It means that the result will not be saved until all answers have been provided on a lesson page.
  2. Next – Clicking on the "Next" button allows the user to move on to another page, however, when the "first" score saving mode is selected, the button does not work until the answers have been submitted / checked. It means that in order to move on to the next page, the user has to first select the "Check" / "Submit" button. In the "last" score saving type the result is saved automatically while moving on to the next page.
  3. Done – "Done" module works closely with "Submit" button. Selecting "Done" allows the user to check whether all activities on a given page have been attempted. It means that it won't be possible to use the button until all answers on a given page have been attempted and submitted by the user.
  4. Check – "Check" is the default button for the "last" score saving type. As it is always the last answer that is saved in the lesson report, there is no need of checking whether the user has attempted to complete all answers on a given page. However, when using the "Check" button in the "first" saving mode, the answers are saved automatically after selecting "Check" for the first time.

The Submit, Next and Done modules work properly only with the addons supporting the "IsAttempted" command which checks whether all answers have been attempted by the user.
For now, the "IsAttempted" command is supported by the following addons: Text, Image Gap, Choice, Connection, True False, Fractions, Points and Lines.

To read more on different types of scoring, go to Activity Scoring section of this documentation.