Saving and restoring lesson state

var player;
function icOnAppLoaded(){
    player = icCreatePlayer('_icplayer');
    // Write state to player before loading content

// Read state from player
var state = player.getState();


  • State should be loaded before content.
  • You can get the player state any time.

Saving and setting last visited page

On leaving lesson

function exit() {
    var ps = player.getPlayerServices(), //get player services
        currentPage = ps.getCurrentPageIndex(); //get current       
    scorm.saveLocation(currentPage); //save location

On loading lesson

function icOnAppLoaded(){
    player = icCreatePlayer('_icplayer'); //get player
    var location = scorm.loadLocation(); //load location
     if (location == false) {
         location = '0';
    //load player with location
    player.load('content/default.ic.xml', parseInt(location));

Exported lessons with Player

Loading the Player without loading the Lesson on startup

To start the player without starting the lesson, add the parameter "wait" to the URL with the value "yes", i.e. "?wait=yes".

Then set the state of the player:


Once we have set the state, we need to load the lesson:


This will load the lesson with the assigned state.