Extended metadata

mAuthor supports extended metadata system. On a company level, you can define your own set of extended metadata that can be assigned to any lesson.

In order to define extended metadata set, go to Company admin space and choose "Manage extended metadata" link.

You can define three types of fields:

  • a short text field
  • a long text field
  • a select box with predefined options

Each field should contain a name (required) and an optional description. "Select field" also contains a set of values separated by commas.

The order of the fields can be easily rearraned by using the drag-and-drop method.

As soon as the extended metadata set is defined, it will be possible to assign this metadata to lessons via "Edit metadata" option. If you assign some metadata to a lesson and then change the definition set, the lesson will keep the previous values and allow you to assign the new ones as well. While it is possible to manually remove old metadata from a lesson, you can also choose to "batch update lessons and lesson pages" when saving a new definition set. "Batch update" will remove all metadata from your company lessons and lesson pages which no longer have a corresponding definition. Please use this feature with care as the changes cannot be undone.