mAuthor is an innovative web service created by Learnetic. It is mainly addressed at publishing houses who feel the need of creating interactive educational content and present it to their customers.

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What can be created and how?

mAuthor allows creating interactive educational lessons in an easy and intuitive way using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach. No advanced programming or scripting skills are needed. Predefined layouts help to build professionally looking materials without the need of designing your own graphics, regardless of the full ability to create individual look & feel of your content.

What can be done with the content?

Every single lesson created in mAuthor can be shared on the service with other company members, kept under your private account, embedded into any website or exported as a SCORM object.

How can the content be accessed?

Every lesson created with mAuthor can be comfortably accessed from PCs, tablets or smartphones. Thanks to Learnetic’s Multiplatform Interactive Content Editor available in the mAuthor service, you can be sure your content is compatible with a wide range of desktop and mobile devices. Forget about creating separate content for the PC and mobile world. Create once, publish many.