Build process

Both Player itself and addons as a whole are subject to specific testing and building process. To be more precise, either of them can be built without successfully passing the test phase. Player itself testing is standard Java unit testing. When it comes to Addons, it needs some workspace prepared by developers.

Step 1: Setting build properties

Make a copy of file and name it Next, change path to Google Web Toolkit SDK in newly created file accordingly to your local setup.

Step 2: Running jsTestDriver server

Addons testing is based on jsTestDriver library. To start testing addons you need to do two things. First one is running jsTestDriver.jar file in server mode from addons/tools directory:

    java -jar addons/tools/JsTestDriver.jar --port 9876

When server is up and running, you can open your browser and go to the following URL:


Step 3: Running build

Type ant in command line to run the default build target which includes testing all Player components. If the build irun is successful, you are ready to work with Player!