In mAuthor there are several main spaces that let users gain valuable information and organize their workflow in a simple and intuitive way:

  • Home page with important information on mAuthor and its possibilities.

  • Dashboard with information about user's recently edited lessons, projects and news. Quick start cards will let you instantly create a new lesson, pick up where you left off recently or find help easily.

  • My Lessons section which is visible only to the account owner. Lessons created and stored in this area can be copied to specific projects/publications, and then shared with other users.

  • Projects available only to users with access rights assigned to specific company projects and publications. Here you can edit or manage all publications in the current project.

  • Support where you can view all your created tickets and post new ones.

  • Help section allows you to quickly access mAuthor documentation, interactive tutorials and modules examples where all demo presentations can be instantly copied to My Lessons space.