Public templates

A company admin can create a public template available to all company members. To do this, it is enough to follow a few simple steps:

  • Pick a relevant presentation in the chosen project's space.
  • Go to the Properties section on the right
  • Tick the Is Template checkbox
  • Go to the Company admin link in the upper right and select the Manage projects option.
  • Click on the Enable sharing addons and templates in editor link.

Now the templates created in this specific project will be availbale to all company users.

To use a ready-made template in your presentation, go to the "Presentation" section and choose the "Select template..." option. Then pick the requested template and adapt it according to your own preferences.

Keep it in mind that the first page of the template is always selected as a new page in your presentation by default. To choose another page in your selected template, go to "Page" - > "Add page" section.