Marking elements that should be included in the printout

Modules that enable printing have the ‘Printable’ property, which allows you to select one of three parameters:

  • No – default value which means that the module is not included in the printout
  • Don't randomize – the module is included in the printout, but not randomized
  • Randomize – the module is included in the printout and is randomized within a set of other modules that have the same parameter

The default value of this parameter is "No", which means that if we want to see the selected element on the printout, we have to choose one of the other two values. If Don't randomize is set, the module will always stay in the same position. Only addons with the Printable property set to randomize can change their position. For example, if there are three addons: Text1, Text2 and Text3 (in that order), where Text2 is set to Don't randomize and Text1 and Text3 are set to Randomize, then Text2 will always be the second addon and only Text1 and Text3 can swap places. In addition, addons that are part of a group can only change position within their group.