Managing access rights

A user with the role of company admin is able to assign, edit or remove other users' access rights. It can be done in the "Access Rights Management" space.

In the "Add new user" section, company admin should first provide the following information:

  • Username – a newly registered user's login (case sensitive),
  • Project/Publication – name of the project/publication to be assigned to a user,
  • Roles – the type of access rights to a given project/publication. Each of these roles defines the default access to specific areas in mAuthor and allows users to perform certain actions.
  • A new access will be granted by clicking on the "Add" button underneath.

Once the user access rights are assigned, a company admin can change or cancel them at any time by clicking on the "Edit" or "Remove" link visible under the "Actions" tab in the "Current Accesses" section. Of course company admin is also allowed to later expand the user access rights into other projects or publications.

Adding new roles

It is possible to create and assign new roles which allow granting individual permissions to particular actions/areas in mAuthor, additionally to the ones already defined.

In order to create a new role, a company admin should perform the following steps:

  • select the Roles tab
  • enter the name suitable for the new role,
  • tick the checkboxes next to the areas/actions (permissions) a new role will have access to,
  • save changes by clicking the "Add" button underneath.

A new role will appear in the list of roles and from now on it is possible to grant the new role's access permissions to newly created accounts as well as use it for editing the so far existing user accounts.

Editing roles

At any time, a company admin can edit or remove the existing roles. The only role which cannot be removed or edited under any circumstances is "owner". Once the role has been edited, the changes apply to all existing accounts modifying their access rights accordingly.

Note: A role cannot be removed if one or more users have it assigned. It is necessary to cancel this role's access on all existing accounts and only then will it be possible to remove it from the "Roles" list.